Habit Relapse: The Fastest Way to Get Back on Track… “People don’t do positive things in a negative state of energy.”– @DietJunkE Often times we’ll be doing so good with our eating habits and workout routines until… BAM.. a Holiday or Celebration hits. We (over)indulge in sugars and carbs, we start skipping our workouts, and
Thursday, 23 November 2017 / Published in Exercise, Food Freedom, Habits & Behaviors, MentalGym
My top 7 Success Strategies I use during Thanksgiving Day Start your morning off with exercise!  Get your workout in first thing in the morning so no excuses can get in the way.  See if anyone wants to join you.  Start your day by giving thanks to your body.  Give it some T.L.C by moving
Sunday, 19 November 2017 / Published in Food Freedom, Habits & Behaviors, MentalGym
WTF?!?! The Holiday Season is here ! What’s going through your mind right now?  Do you feel a little torn?  Are your starting to give yourself a little pep talk about how this Holiday Season you’re gonna do better?   Here’s the deal-i-o… When we are in the process of making healthier changes, and trying to
Saturday, 26 August 2017 / Published in Habits & Behaviors, MentalGym
The 3 Main Reasons WHY most people FAIL when it comes to ACHIEVING their BODYGOALS… I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins book lately on business & building strong personal relationships.  And I came across one of his audiobooks that was about 6 minutes long and it talked about the 3 main reasons why most people