Saturday, 26 August 2017 / Published in Habits & Behaviors, MentalGym
The 3 Main Reasons WHY most people FAIL when it comes to ACHIEVING their BODYGOALS… I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins book lately on business & building strong personal relationships.  And I came across one of his audiobooks that was about 6 minutes long and it talked about the 3 main reasons why most people
Summer is riiiiggghhhhtttt around the corner …  Not sure if you ever got those summer abs you’ve been working for, I’m still working on mine but I do have to say… they are looking a lot nicer these days:) To be 100% real with you…Getting Abs isn’t about performing 1000 abdominal crunches in a 30minute
Sunday, 16 April 2017 / Published in Food Freedom, Habits & Behaviors, MentalGym
Hi There!  Happy Easter:) Yes, really…I repeat these blogs each and every holiday because we need the reminder. It’s not that you don’t know what to do… I believe you have the knowledge, tools and information to be successful today… But.. it’s easy to get distracted and persuaded into the moment, and before you realize
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 / Published in MentalGym, Uncategorized
Question: Have you said this before? “I know what to do, but I just don’t do it.” I think we’ve all been guilty of saying this before. I don’t disagree when someone tells me that they know what they need to do in order to look the way they wanna look & feel the way