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Set a Goal & Accomplish it!


Have you ever set a goal before?  Did you accomplish it?  Did you get the results you wanted?  Today’s Vlog is about providing you with a simple tool of awareness to get you to accomplish any goal you desire.

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Most of the time we set goals for the wrong reasons.  Or we set a goal, enroll in a weightloss program, or start up a new diet for all the wrong reasons.  Today’s topic is about choosing 1 goal, understanding “why” accoplishing this goal is important to you, and then taking action.

Let us know what you think!

Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Absolute Best Today!

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“How to” achieve your New Year’s Resolution(s)!

Now’s the time for significant change to happen!  Did you set a resolution (a promise to yourself) for 2014?  Wait.. let me ask you this.. Have you set a resolution before and actually accomplished it?
Did you know, according to an article Realistic Resolutions written by Martina M., Cartwright that by Jan 7th, 1/3 of people who made a resolution already broke it?!?!  by Feburary 14, 1/2 will have lapsed?!?! And by July 4, 60% of resolutions will have been FORGOTTEN!?!?!?
Let’s break that pattern before January 7 and finally accomplish the change we so deeply desire!  This articlie was so awesome that I made a video for you to watch…
In the video, there’s a ton of easy to follow tips on how you can accomplish your goals for 2014!
Enjoy! And Let me know what daily steps you’re making to reach your New Year’s Resolutions.  Did you find this information helpful? Share it with friends, family & social media:)
And Remember To Look, Feel & Be Your BEST Today!

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Happy Superbowl Sunday!


I don’t know about you but I love the commercials for superbowl.  I love gathering with friends and family and I love a good party.  I use to go to parties knowing I was definetly going to have a binge fest.  All the junk food, chips with salsa, brownies & cakes and burgers and wings… also lots of alcohol.  Whoa!! it was as if I was visualize Mondays to be a really rough day!  All I can say is Thank GOD I got my mind right!  Here’s what I do today:


1. Get Your MIND right!  I allow myself mentallly to eat whatever it is I would want under 1 condition, I feel good 20 minutes after consuming the food and/or drink.I take my time while I eat, Savoring my food so therefore I’m satisfied.I focus on Being Healthy (focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

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