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WTF?! This really pissed me off.

First off, if you know me, you know I’m a lover not a fighter.  BUT…I am human, with human emotions and yes there are certain things that piss me off.  And that’s ok:)


So this week, I had my normal visit for teeth cleaning at the dentist office.  As my dental hygienist is prepping for my cleaning we get on the topic of how she’s been doing with her weight-loss goals.  I rarely use the word weight-loss.  In face, I strongly dislike the word because when you “lose” something, there’s a subconscious thought of wanting and needing to find it again.  Which the word in itself could keep you “stuck.”

ANYHOO..I know for the past couple years she’s been “trying” on and off.  Not too long after I just asked how things were going in that area, She blurts out, in defense mode.. “You fitness people just have it so easy… things just come so easy for you.   For us working people it’s a lot harder.”


#1. “Us” fitness people?  That’s a choice.

#2. “Us” Fitness People work just as hard if not harder around the clock.


I can sit here and give thousands of testimonials of people who have made significant shifts and work in all areas of life.  If you don’t believe me, just go on GOOGLE and type it in!

This got me thinking.. first off, why did this get me pissed? And secondly, how can someone re-shift that LIE of a statement?


*Because the FACT is, there is NO difference between the 2 of us.  Why is it that some people stay stuck in this “cycle” and others emerge with success? It’s a mindset shift and a commitment.

I guess the real question is, why did that statement really upset me?


Sitting here and talking to you, I guess it’s because I really believe in you.  I believe in your success and I know you deserve the self love, respect and care that I have for myself.  It really saddens me more than anything.


No one deserves, especially YOU to live in a body you hate especially when you have the “choice” and power to make the change.


Then I started thinking about change and commitment.  As I was doing some research online I came across a guy named Mark Sanborn.   He wrote a blog discussing how there are 6 levels of commitment. CLICK HERE to read it.



Commitment: “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause.”


Making a commitment to your body, is like telling yourself: “hey, I got you… I promise to take care of you.

I promise to love you, and respect your needs.

I will do the best in my power to listen and deliver to your needs.”

Kinda sounds like a marriage, huh?  Haha it is in a way.


Often times, commitment can be challenging because you might not know where to start.  It’s intimidating.. I get it.




It’s the small daily choices we make that lead to big shifts.  Letting go of time frames, and the all or nothing mentality.. starting to focus on How Good something makes us feel and how we deserve to feel good in our bodies, vs not deserving to take care of our health.


It doesn’t have to be hard.. in fact, if it’s HARD you’re probably going about it the wrong way.


From my own success with my body transformation, sustainable results are all about correcting and healing the mind.   Most importantly, forgiving yourself for believing it has to be hard and you have to do it on your own.  And forgiving others who guided you to that false belief system; perhaps that was the only way they knew.



Take Action NOW:

Start with the small things, and making a couple of small habit changes, being mindful with your eating habits, exercise/movement behavior etc, over the course of a year (or even several months) there will have been some pretty significant shifts. It’s all about getting your mind right and I cover a lot of this in my ebook, The 7 Eating Habits to Total Body Transformation.

Let us know how this blog helped you in any way by leaving a comment and sharing! xxoo

And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya





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Answers to your CRAVINGS

As I was briefly shopping for some items for valentines day I couldn’t help but wonder, what’s the connection between chocolate and love?

As I read deeper into “What are you Hungry for? by Deepak Chopra, I came across a section which answered my curiosity.


Cravings answer to emotions.  In other words, we have substituted tastes to satisfy our needs of feelings.


deepok quote images

Studies show, if you wait out a craving for 10 minutes it will go away.  It’s true.

But what if the craving comes back several more times throughout the day?

Eventually you give into the craving, and then what?

Deepok elaborates in his book, that our “cravings” are really the body’s way of communicating to us.

Through each craving, the body is trying to tell us what it really wants and needs.



Listed below are types of Foods we crave & their Deeper Meaning:

  • sweet —> nurturing
  • sour —> stimulating
  • salty —> hearty
  • bitter —> energized
  • pungent —> passionate
  • astringent —> witty



As Valentines Day is a day to remind us of love, no wonder the body craves sweets.  Or does it really?!?!  Perhaps what it really craves is Nourishment, Companionship &  Love.


Take Action Now:

The next time you get a craving, put your timer on for 10 minutes and ask yourself, what am I really craving?  Then make a list, based on the categories listed above, how can I fulfill the need of Nourishment? Stimulation? Excitement? Energy?  Passion? and Witt?


Would love to hear how you do by sharing your experience in the comment box below:)

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And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!


<3 Tanya

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Chocolate, Orgasms & Valentines Day!

Happy pre-Valentines Day!!!


To be honest, I’m not gonna talk to you about the type of orgasms you’re probably thinking about, BUT…if you’re wanting that type of an arousal, 50 Shades of Gray is coming out next week!  Lex and I have tickets to see it!!!



NOW…Get your mind out of the gutter..let’s keep it real:)  Most of us have had an orgasm, but.. have you ever had an orgasm in your mouth?

In today’s video blog, I share 3 Sexy Tips on chocolate, satisfaction & a yummy, stimulating strategy on “how to” eat your chocolate Watch Here!

Plus a Bonus video on “how to” make a healthy chocolate Almond Bark.  (Bonus link in under the video description:)

TIP #1:

Read your ingredients with your chocolate.  Not all chocolate is equal!  Make sure you understand your ingredients, if possible avoid soy lecithin.

TIP #2:

Aim for 70-85% Dark Chocolate.  Usually when you eat lower percentages of chocolate, it creates more cravings and overeating.  Find a brand and percentage that creates satisfaction:)

TIP #3:

Savor the flavor and enjoy each and every bite.  By placing a square of chocolate on the roof of your mouth or under your tongue, with savor… the greater satisfaction and the less you’ll consume.  I personally enjoy sipping on some hot tea while I savor my chocolate.


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