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Memorial Day Kabobs

Happy Memorial Weekend!

It’s officially grilling season!  What time better than NOW to bust out some healthy Kabobs:)  In  this video I’ll guide you throughout the process of “how to” make kabobs with a few of my favorite condiments.

WATCH HERE (3 min. video)

Kabobs 2







Also, don’t think I’d leaving you hanging without adding some Healthy Eating Habit tips from my ebook The 7 Eating Habits to Total Body Transformation


“You can’t always control the situation, but you can control the way you react to it.”- Gary Mack

In other words, we can’t control the foods that are at parties, BBQ’s or events, but we can focus on our healthy eating habits and behaviors. It’s easy to lose sight of your goals & disconnect from your body when we get in party mode.  Dont worry…I got your back… just follow the tips below:)


Plan Ahead:

1. Bring a health dish of your own, a food you know you’ll eat.

2. Stay hydrated; bring your own water if you’re uncertain there’ll be water there.

3. Eat before you go.  Parties usually last more than 3 hours, sometimes all day events.  You never know how long the food will take to be ready to eat.


In chapter 2 in my ebook, The 7 Eating Habits to Total Body Transformation, I talk about the PROCESS OF EATING.   Use this weekend to implement the eating habits listed below:





*Choose Appetizer plates when putting food on your plate.

*Sit down & eat your food away from distractions (TV, buffet counter, dessert dishes, etc).

*Take your time eating, be present with your food, savor each bite.

*Chew your food completely before taking your next bite.



Most importantly enjoy your day and savor the people around you.  Be present with your food, and enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day weekend.


I would love to hear from you!  Did you find this VLOG helpful?  What part did you find to be most helpful?  What did you end up implementing over this long weekend?  Leave a comment & share with others!


And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!





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3 Ways to Say “NO” to a Bad Diet.

Hi There!  Tanya Here.

Today we’re gonna talk about 3 Ways to Ask for What You Need.  What I mean by this is when you start a healthy journey or you’re ready to take yourself to the “next level” with your body… your habits, action and behaviors will make a shift as well.

As a coach, it’s my responsibility to prepare you for any possible situations that might arise.  When you start to shift your ways, people might react differently to you.  There will be others who are motivated by your behavior and then there will be some who are fearful of your behavior and therefore try to hold you back and pull you back to your old ways.

Making a shift and a change isn’t always easy.  Most of the time I often “warn” or prepare people that you might lose some people along the way who don’t believe in you or try to sabotage your success.  Sometimes people don’t like when they see friends or loved ones get results, people get jealous and insecure so they try to pull you back.  And sometimes people don’t realize what they say and do is effecting you in a negative way; change isn’t easy for you nor for them.

No more

 3 ways of expressing your “NO”:

1. State what you’re observing in the situation.

2. Tell others how the situation makes you feel.

3. Come up with a solution.

(WATCH HERE to see & hear examples).


Take Action Now:

If there’s a situation you notice you keep running into that’s affecting your results; communicate it!  Everything is about perception and how we express our needs, wants and desires.

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P.S.S Thank you so much for watching and remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya

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10 Road Trip Healthy Snacks & Habits!

10 Road Trip Snacks & Habits:

Big hello from Orlando this weekend!

Thursday I took a 4 hour road trip to the Unity of Dance Festival.   It’s a Bachata & Salsa Dance Event taking place in Orlando, Florida.  My dance team and I are performing a salsa routine tonight at 7pm.  If you’re in the Orlando area, google The Unity of Dance Festival and come visit!!!

In honor of my road trip this weekend.. I wanted to share several strategies I use to help keep me on track while I’m away.

Note: Below are several basic guidelines, that help me Look, Feel & continue to Be the Best-Version-of- Myself while traveling.  Hope you enjoy!


healthy road trip Snacks & Habits  1. When making hotel reservations, call and request a refrigerator in your room.  It’s free and this way you can stock up on healthy snacks, water, or any healthy meals you want.

2. I’m in love my 6 Pack Fitness Purse.  It’s a cooler/lunchbox / purse in one!  Here’s the link.  I pre-pack my food for the day and store it in my bag!

3. I don’t do well with “healthy” trail mix, nuts, or bars because I tend to overeat them.  Therefore I try not to set myself up for failure.  I do really well with shakes, so I purchased a small container of almond milk and placed my protein powder in small ziplock baggies.  I packed about 6 of them.  I also packed my magic bullet.  I like my shakes creamy and thick like a milkshake.  Not a fan of the shaker, but hey some people are… I personally prefer to eat real foods, so I’ll pack turkey wraps in tinfoil (easy to throw away).

P.S. I like to just pack for the day, then once I get to the area find the local whole foods and buy some easy meals.  (Look to #5). Fun Tip: *Getting to know yourself and acknowledging your weakness is a strength.  Everything is trial and error.  It’s important to respect what you like and don’t like.  Knowing what you don’t like is a great trait!  It’s bring more clarity to what you enjoy!

4. I bring small zip lock baggies.. (ok don’t judge me before you try this yourself).  Some hotels have beautiful buffets that are like $35.  So I bring my zip lock baggies in with me and stock up on some fresh berries, and whatever else I decide to grab for the day.

5. There’s this super cool app called “YELP.”  What you do is download it on your phone and it will track all the healthy restaurants or organic markets in the location you’re staying!  Love IT!  So if you wanna grab something to eat in walking distance, go for it!  Double bonus of exercising and healthy eating:)

6. Bring your own 32 ounce water bottle.  Or stock up on some larger water bottles when you get to your hotel thru your new handy YELP app!  I prefer bringing my own because I love putting ice, fresh lime and mint leaves in it.  Super refreshing.  You can even put some of the berries you snagged in your zip lock baggies from the buffet (from #4) in your water too.. lol.

7. Pack workout clothes, sneakers and exercise bands.  Just in case I catch myself saying I don’t have time to workout, I ask myself, “do you have 10 minutes?”  Always the answer is YES! It’s best to workout first thing in the morning before breakfast, this way it’s out of the way and a great way to get your day off on the right track.  It will leave you feeling good.

8. Before I left I have this app called AUDIBLE. Its an audio book app.  I love it!  I’m a member and I get 1 book a month.  I downloaded 3 audible books to listen to during the 4 hour drive to Orlando. I love listening to them when I workout too.

If I just wanna jam out to music, I have another app called PANDORA.  This is a free app for music.  You type your favorite song or artist in and it will play similar music to that artist.  IF you’re like me and don’t like commercials, I pay $3.99 a month for commercial free music.

9. Bring or purchase an Eye Mask AKA Sleeping Mask.  I started using my eye mask about 4 days ago and my sleep has been so amazing!  I’m waking up so restful. It works beautifully for afternoon naps/meditation breaks.  Click HERE to read more on the benefit of eye masks:)

10. I saved the BEST FOR LAST: Mindset.  

Self-Sabotage Mindset: I’m on vacation so I can indulge and splurge on whatever I want…. (I like to explain this mindset as a child’s excitement when the parents leave the house and the babysitter is watching…complete food coma party).   This kind of thinking is what sticks us in a trap leaving us feeling disgusted, disappointed and overall defeated in our body.

Empowering Mindset: I can eat whatever I want, but how do I choose to feel?  Make a decision on how you want to feel.  “I choose to feel connected with my body.  I choose to feel lean, healthy, energized, tight & toned.  I choose to have good digestion and feel light in my body.”   Now, I still give myself permission to eat whatever I want, but I’m completely connected to how I want to feel.  I’m connected to my body and my health and I choose to feel (on day-to-day basis) strong, toned, energized and light.  I choose to respect my body and know when she’s had enough to eat.  I choose to nourish my body.  Overall, I choose and want to feel good all day long.

While traveling, it’s easy to fall into a self-sabotage mindset, unhealthy eating habits and skip out on workouts.  That’s why I wanted to make sure I prepped you for success, just like I prepped myself.  It’s a mindset and most importantly it’s implementing and taking action on healthy habits.

Take Action Now:   Today, choose 1-3 Strategies I provided above and implement them into your next road trip!  Do you have any successful traveling tips you’d like to share with me?  Don’t be stingy! I just shared 10 with you!  haha.  Would love to hear from you.

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And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya

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