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Can you wait 10 minutes?

When was the Last time YOU had a craving?

First off, a craving is an intense desire and/or wanting for something.

We all have cravings.  The cool thing about cravings is that after about 10 minutes, the craving goes away.  The down side of this is that 10 minutes seems like eternity when all you really want is that chocolate bar!

Having an intense Craving pop up out of no where and strong, isn’t about the food, it’s about another need or emotion that isn’t being met.  Alexandra Jamieson talks more about that in her AMAZING book: Women, Food & Desire.

So the question really is.. what do you really want? What is it, about the food you are craving, what need will giving into this craving REALLY satisfy?


We all have basic needs, wants and desires.  When these basic needs aren’t being met, we numb with food, skin picking, alcohol, pills, or any other substance or destructive behavior.  What is it that you really want?  Perhaps sleep or rest, feelings of peace and calmness, fun or excitement, feel good”, companionship, love..


Take Action NOW:

For the next 24 hours.  Any cravings that come up.. sit with them.  Write them out but don’t give in.  Write out 1 thing you can substitue that sharp, intense craving with?  Remember… it takes about 10 minutes.  Can you wait 10 minutes?

Need some more ideas?  Watch here..


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<3 Tanya


P.S. Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

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Don’t Quit! You got this:)


It’s Almost 3 weeks in the New Year 2015! HOLY MOILY! Studies show, right about now…most people start to lose the momentum on their new goals, desires and lifestyle shifts and start to revert back to their old UNDESIRED thoughts, habits and behaviors.

It’s imperative to know that consistency is key to SUCCESS. To get from where you are now, to where you want to be, you can’t be “afraid to fail.”


One of my favorite questions of all time:




*When you fail, you start to get more clear on what doesn’t work for you. Once you have clarity on what doesn’t work, you have CERTAINTY on what does work.

*It’s also super important you   a CLEAR understanding as to why you set your 2015 NEW YEAR goals in the first place? And why are these goals important to you?


This is what helps any successful person fall down and get right back up. I know you got this;) Because I believe in your success.

Here’s to 2015! No Holding Back!



Take Action Now:

1. Get on a food, sleep and exercise schedule! Need Help? Click Here.
2. Maybe it’s not what you’re eating, It’s how you’re eating…Start to shift your eating habits and Behaviors. Need Help? Click here.
3. Keep at it. Even though it might take you a little longer to get to where you wanna be, at least you’ll get there. I promise!
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And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya

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How I Food Prep:)

Food Prep… Seems easy enough right? But… Not Really… Do you ever get a little tricked out on food prepping? Todays video blog is on just that…  Click Here to watch:)  Try not to get discouraged!  Almost everyone I’ve spoken to, who isn’t a trainer or physique competitor get confused on this topic. The main purpose of food prepping is to help YOU keep your eating “on track” during the day, so that you can Look, Feel & BE Your Best.   Why is Preparing my Food Even Important? Days get busy and it’s easy to get caught up and lose track of time.   By the time you know it, 3 or more hours have gone by and you start to notice you haven’t eaten.   Soon, your stomach start screaming at you, I’m starving! Feed me!!!  If you wait too long, all willpower and good intentions go out the door.  By this point, you really don’t care what you put in your body:(  AND, odds are, this meal time will end in overeating. With side dish of Guild, disappointment and let down. Success-Quote-Picture-Quote When you have most of your foods ready and cooked, it’s easy to throw something healthy together in less than 5 min.     Take Action Now: 1. Plan your meal preps around your protein sources, if you’re vegan no problem (beans, legumes, avocados, nuts and seeds counts too as good protein sources:) Don’t get Discouraged!  Food prepping takes a little time to master.  We’ll have plenty of recipes in our Best Body’s Member Site Launching soon!!! (ONLY $1 for the first month, then $9.97 after that!!!)       The key to Attaining your Best Body isn’t about who eats the cleanest;  it’s about strategy, structure and consistency. P.S. Don’t miss out… BEST BODY Members Site Launches soon!  Want in?  Enter our newsletters over at and get FREE UPDATES!!! ENjoy:) Watch Video HERE.   And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today! <3 Tanya

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