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Discipline = Freedom ?

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When you hear the word discipline, what thoughts or emotions come to mind?  Resentment, anger, punishment?  Or do you hear freedom, strength, self mastery?

I use to hear the word discipline and cringe.  I would think of punishment, deprivation and self torture.

I felt such negative vibes with that word until I came across this book called Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly.  He talk a ton about discipline and how it’s a key component to freedom.   Kelly says, You can’t have Freedom without Discipline.

Below I’ve listed several segments from the book, (yes, word for word), that I thought explained how discipline can be used to increase our self control so that we can experience freedom from any habits of the mind that prevent us from looking, feeling and becoming the best-version-of-ourselves.


8 Views on Discipline & How it Leads to Freedom:

1. According to, “Discipline gives a person the power to stick with their decisions and follow them through. This makes discipline a critical component and one of the most important requirements for achieving goals of any kind in life.”

2. Do we really believe life without structure or discipline will give us the happiness we desire?  How successful do you think your business would be if you did whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted? (Same goes for our bodies and our health).

3. Our insatiable appetite for instant gratification leads us farther and farther from getting to where we wanna be with our bodies.  Instant gratification is our mistaken notion that freedom is the right or ability to do whatever we want. We cannot allow instant gratification to guide and direct every decision.

4. When we deny ourselves in small ways, we regain the self mastery that makes us free and allows us to take control once more of our appetite and impulses.

5. We have enslaved ourselves by giving  into our impulses of whatever we want and whenever we want.  

6. Our level of discipline and self control significantly affects the level of happiness we experience in this life.

7. Self control is a gift we give ourselves and is the very essence of discipline.  Self control is the foundation of discipline and a prerequisite for happiness (freedom).

8. The body is directed by instincts and conditioned responses. As humans we have a CONSCIOUS choice, we choose which responses we wanna become conditioned to.  We are aware of which responses are good for us and which are self destructive.  For example: skipping your workouts, snacking when you’re not hungry, overeating, or indulging in alcohol to numb your emotions.





Take Action Now:

  1. Break down your large goals into smaller ones.  It makes it easier to accomplish and creates more focused discipline.  Example: I wanna lose 8% Body Fat.  Focusing on getting on a Food Schedule, Exercise Schedule & Sleep Schedule.
  2. Just do the next right thing.  By creating daily wins, each decision you choose to do better (not snacking between meals, grabbing a water vs. soda, breath with your emotions vs. pacify them with food), you start to set yourself free in a small way from the slavery of your body.
  3. Affirm(ation): Every decision I make day in and day out matter.  It is in these small acts that I do each day, (today) that allow me to get closer to looking, feeling & becoming the best version of myself.  I don’t do them to be mean to myself or to punish myself, I choose to have self-discipline because I want to feel free.Do you wanna make changes but don’t know where to start? Click Here —>

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And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya


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How to REBOUND from the Halloween Sugar Binge.

Happy Halloween!


“It’s not your fault, but now that you know, it’s your responsibility  to take action.”- Jon Benson

Yep, yesterday was the first official day of the 2 1/2 month “Food Coma”… aka Holiday Season Fiesta.

There’s lot’s of treats, home baked goodies, specialty items, tons of marketing on seasonal foods on pumpkin x, y, z.

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about indulging in these foods that just seems like so much pleasure…hehehe.. the issue is that it’s not long lasting.  In fact, we get this high sensation, followed by a sugar crash, that just about always leads to unwanted weight gain, depression, guilt and shame.. and oh yea… more cravings!

Our biggest dilemma isn’t to blame the holidays.  Our biggest dilemma is the permission we give ourselves for mindless eating during the 2 month holiday season.

*You see, we subconsciously make a decision in advance.  You don’t have to keep repeating the same patterns year after year.  You have a choice.  You have to make a decision on how you wanna feel this Holiday Season.  You must take back your power on how you choose to feel today.  In this moment.

Think about it like this…Have you ever caught yourself saying:

“It’s the holidays, I shouldn’t deprive myself”… 

“It’s ok to eat these foods that aren’t good for me, I’ll get back on it serious in January.” 

“EVERYBODY eats like this, holidays only come around 1x per year”…

Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are a super fun excuse to Mindlessly Indulge in foods that provide temporary pleasure.  However, what you’re really saying to yourself is: I can choose to Feel Bad for the next 2 months.  This year can be different.  You have the power and the choice to either feel good, or feel bad in your body these next 2 months.  The choice is yours.


Here’s a really legit article that Charles Poliquin wrote on “Cheat Meals.”  I personally don’t use the word Cheat Day or Cheat Meal.  I prefer ReFuel meal or Craving Meal.  I have my Craving Meals 1-2 x per week.  Just to NOTE: Words are words and they have power in them.  Use words that sound right to you:)  READ MORE HERE


Take Action NOW:

1. Make a decision.  Ex: I choose to stay connected and mindful with my body so that I can feel my best today.  I can enjoy what I want to eat in a moderate portion, then get back to my routine.   I chose to eat foods that satisfy me.

2. Give yourself permission to Enjoy the Holi-DAY.  Allow yourself a meal to have what you crave in a portioned amount, but remember, it’s not fair for you to abuse your body everyday until Jan 1st.  CLICK HERE to read how to work your “Craving Meals” into the right placement.

3. Eat your meal without guilt.  Savor your meal in the right portion and then get back on the FEEL GOOD train.

What are your thoughts on todays Blog?  What do you do to rebound from the Holiday Sugar Binge? I wanna hear from you.  Leave a comment in the comment box below.

And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya Silva

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“How To” Make: Hot Apple Chai Tea

Hi There!


The Holidays are now:)  Yey!  It’s that time.  I visited a highly recommened coffee shop called The Seed here in Boca Raton, FL.  Now I’m not a coffee drinker but they did offer a Bomb A** Tea that was made with Chai and Apple Juice.  I figured I’d make a healthier version.  It came out so amazing that I just had to share it with you today:)  You can thank me later..hehe.


Hot Apple Chai Tea:


What You’ll Need: 

    • Favorite Mug

    • Chai Tea (I personally enjoy  the Tazo brand)
    • Stainless Steal Strainer Straw

  • Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice (there should only be 1 ingredient…apples:)


  1. Boil Apple Juice.
  2. Cut open Tea Bag and place the tea into the Tea Mug.
  3. Once the Apple Juice has boiled, pour the hot juice into the tea mug.
  4. Add your Stainless Steal Strainer Straw & ENJOY!

Here’s a great article on tea bags and how they can be dangerous to your health.  CLICK HERE.

P.S. I do get a small percentage when you purchase the product from me:)  I spend hours on these blogs and it’s nice to have a little incentive.  But I promise you, I only recommend the Best-Of-The-Best.

Thank you so much for watching!  I hope you’ve found today’s vlog (video blog) valuable.  What’s your favorite holiday drink?  Have you tried to make it healthier?  Leave a comment in the comment box below!

And Remember to Look, Feel & Be Your Best Today!

<3 Tanya

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